Give the gift of a new career this Christmas

Career coaching helps you or your loved one plot the path to a new career in 2018

What is career coaching?

2018 is the time to make the change. If you or someone you know is currently unhappy at work, frustrated by wasted potential and always talking about making that change but never does, career coaching could be for you.

Career coaches work with you to help you finally find your true path in life, whether it be making changes within your current role or branching out on a new adventure. Through in-depth discussion, structured planning, encouragement and motivation, you and your career coach will work together finally to craft the career you desire.

Coaching takes place online in hourly sessions via video. Each week you’ll identify exactly what you need to do to create the career you’ve always wanted.

Why it's the perfect gift

Give something that can change lives and whose impact can last a lifetime. Career coaching can change your life.

Who are Manago?

Manago is the coaching practice of Liz Wyn-Davies, qualified coach with over 25 years’ experience working within corporate as well as SME markets. Liz understands the daily demands placed on you both at work and home and will work with you to ensure that you can finally achieve your career goals.

The Christmas Gift Package

Three 60 minute sessions for only £180.

This is our best ever deal and a gift from us to you.

Session 1 – We will explore what you really desire: to move roles, to progress within your current company or perhaps to move company or even to start your own business. We’ll ask the difficult questions, to enable you to evaluate the different options and ultimately allow you to set achievable goals to start you on your way to working happiness.

Session 2 – In the second session we will review your progress so far and start to delve more deeply into how you may need to develop to help you achieve your aims. All the time, we’ll be helping you to set thought-out and achievable steps to move you closer to your end-game.

Session 3 – In session three, we will continue what we started, reviewing your progress to date and marking off your achievements as you go. Helping you further on your journey, you may choose to explore key areas like managing working relationships and work performance. By now you’ll have clearly defined what working happiness looks like for you and we’ll be working step-by-step to get you there.

Limited availability.

Offer may be withdrawn at any time. Must be redeemed within 360 days from date of purchase.

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