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Award winning Executive Coach of the Year 2018

December 3rd, 2018 Posted by Future Leaders' Coaching, Management Coaching, Senior Leaders' Coaching 0 thoughts on “Award winning Executive Coach of the Year 2018”

Fantastic to receive Executive Coach of the Year Award at The Coaching Academy’s, International Coaching Awards 2018 ceremony


July 2nd, 2017 Posted by Future Leaders' Coaching, Management Coaching, Senior Leaders' Coaching 0 thoughts on “COACHING IS HERE TO STAY!”

The benefits of coaching are now being recognised across the globe.   Even 5 years ago, coaching in business was still viewed as a ‘nice to have’ and something which only the privileged few could access.   Now the benefits are being recognised so clearly that as I go around the country enquiring of Learning Development departments and HR departments whether or not they have a coaching programme, frequently the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘it is here to stay’. When I ask ‘Why?’, the companies tell me the demand for coaching is driven purely from the benefits that people have experienced from it.   I was speaking with a large ‘household name’ organisation yesterday and they told me that they measure the benefits of coaching by the amount of repeat business that they receive.   Once their employees experience the power of coaching, they do not want to let it go.   They rebook for more and more sessions.

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So what are the benefits?   One of the main benefits of coaching I believe, is that it actively encourages the coachee to take action.   No matter what the subject matter maybe, there is one very important guarantee as an outcome at the end of every coaching session and that is that the coachee will leave the session with a list of action steps, which will enable them to progress towards their ultimate goal, no matter what this maybe.   It is the focus that coaching gives to the client, combined with the decision to take decisive action on whatever area of their life they wish to focus on, that reaps the immediate rewards.

Manago coaching offers you the opportunity to experience for yourself the invaluable benefits that coaching can offer.  Contact us today and let us show you how coaching really can make all the difference.

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